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The Immortal Elixir

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    Ultimate revitalization – The complete anti-aging treatment

    Elixirs of life and stories of magical pills which could supposedly extend one’s life and make one immortal might just be about to come true.


    The Immortal Elixir

    Experience an instant age reversal with The Immortal Elixir which is clinically formulated to target all skin concerns. An innovated technology breakthrough, the formula acts on three major functions – protection, prevention and treatment. The high concentration of Human Adipose Derived Stem Cells regulate the functions of cells at the genetic level and adapts to the needs of each individual.

    Skin will be lifted instantly, glows naturally and pores are visibly smaller upon each application. Empowered to stimulate collagen regeneration and stabilize skin condition, the Immortal Elixir is the key to skin rejuvenation, radiance and youth longevity.


    10 benefits in a single product:

    Instant lifting




    Cell Rejuvenation

    Skin Clarity


    Minimize Pores

    24 hours Moisture & Hydration

    Skin Renewal



    Spray 3-5 times at a distance of not less than 20cm on both face and body. Use twice a day or whenever needed. Avoid eye and mouth areas. Can be used before or after applying make-up. Suitable for daily usage and for all skin types.


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